Top Retailer for African Art in Arizona

Top Retailer for African Art in Arizona

Small World African Art is an online destination for African art. We offer a wide selection of items, including exquisite masks and baskets, vibrant jewelry and dishware, captivating purses, and gifts, colorful African-American prints, vibrant batik clothing and lifestyle products, and the renowned Silk Thread Art.

Our owner has a story to tell; a story of cultural exploration, entrepreneurial journeys, and a passion for sharing the beauty of African art. They recall that, after hosting several students from Togo and Benin, a curious fascination began to take hold. They desired to explore more of Africa's fascinating cultures, embarking on a journey to West Africa to immerse themselves in the world of African art. They soon discovered that their family and friends were impressed by the pieces they brought back from their trips.

Inspired by the positive response, the owner embarked on several more trips, bringing back pieces made with the skill and flair for which the continent is renowned. They were delighted to discover that their Silk Thread Art stood out as particularly exceptional, showcasing the artisans' mastery and the intricate craftsmanship that goes into each piece.

These various art pieces became the foundation of Small World African Art as our owner began attending festivals in Los Angeles with their Silk Thread Art. The response was overwhelming, selling out within minutes, demonstrating the public's appetite for the beauty and significance of African art.

As the business took off, so did our owner's passion and desire to not just create a business, but to share a story. We offer a wide selection of authentic art pieces from Africa, as each item resonates with the stories and culture of the artists and artisans who created them, and hopes that customers may find connections and meaning through their experiences with the art.

We aim to be a reminder of the richness, diversity, and creative expression found throughout Africa. We invite you to contact us at (623) 760-4854, and to browse the pieces on our website and have a dialogue about the meaningful connections and stories that can be experienced through African art.

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